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2014-04-21 18:38:26 by Mila-Chan

Long time no post and not been here logged in ö-ö

But since I became a Brony I saw much animation stuff of MLP mostly on YouTube, and at some point I realized that Rina-Chan is making some voicework in that business too...

Than I blamed my brain because some time ago  I got called "Rina" and I was fine with that, I like that as a nickname... but then I realized there is a badass awesome voice actress called Rina-Chan... and my account name here is Mila-Chan... and I'm called Rina by friends....

But I can't change anything with "Mila-Chan" and it looks now like I was stalking Rina-Chan e____e


Well, shit happens. I like the name Rina and I can't change the name here.

But maybe I may get the signature "BraeBrae", one of my most used names in the web.


Sorry for bothering, I will upload a new voice demo reel in short time.


Cheers, ladies!


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